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GAMMA Project

Each day, doctors prescribe tens of millions of blood chemistry panels. These tests are performed using consumable titration reagents and optical spectroscopy; usually on high throughput automated machines. The consumable reagents are the main cost of the blood analysis, as well as the limiting factor to their portability and shelf-life.

The GAMMA project focuses on the natural spectral behaviour of the biochemical elements of the blood serum to determine their concentrations. Eliminating the need for reagents. Ergo, radically reducing the cost of analysis and making it more portable.


GAMMA is an open source spectrometer and a spectrum analysis service that uses only light, and no chemical reagents, to perform a blood serum chemistry panel at the point of care, providing healthcare-professionals with the mean to perform a blood chemistry analysis on-the-go for less than €2 per panel.


GAMMA is under active development. IMPACT PHOTONICS is looking for 1.6M€ in order to demonstrates GAMMA’s validity with KOL hospitals. If you want to know more, please check-out our one-pager.

Upon funding, pre-clinical data should be published whithin 24 month.

Competitive landscape of the blood chemistry analysis market

Blood chemistry analysis by IMPACT PHOTONICS

Competitive landscape of the global In-Vitro-Diagnostic (IVD) market

Few big players (Roche, Siemens, Abbott, Danaher...) control most of the global marketshares. When smaller companies (start-up) developing new medtechs start generating revenue, they are bought (M&A) by those big players, which have better logistics, distribution networks and lobbying capacity.

The US and EU market represent more than 60% of the global IVD market shares but only 15% of the world population. Proof that IVD is both overpriced here, and under used there.